2. Rita Hayworth, for example was known for her long, completely painted nails. Here is a close-up of her hands from the movie Blood and Sand from 1941.

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    Django/Zorro #1 by Jae Lee


  8. "Girls who run with the wolves aren’t here for boys to love."
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  10. "If stars died of old age
    They wouldn’t explode, they’d burn out with a slow fade
    But stars escape life with a gun shot
    Which makes me think they stick a pistol in their sun spot
    Bite the barrel, squeeze the trigger
    Might have cared once, but the obstacles seem bigger
    And they’re stuck behind a giant 8 ball
    The milky way is star brains that are smeared across the space wall"
    — Watsky, Send in the Sun (via mertag770)